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Flowrunners enjoy the early morning trail runs, when the world is all ours and we can enjoy silent paths free from traffic and loud voices. The sound of morning birds and the light breeze through the leaves provides instant presence, significant soulfood and a sense of belonging. In the small hours it is more often than not as if the world comes to a complete stand still, the sea lies flat and the blue sky untouched by clouds. Big city running at dawn provides almost a similar experience and is an excellent way to quickly become oriented in a new place.

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Our first big city run took place in Frankfurt am Main the morning after Bryan Ferry´s Alte Oper concert in September 2015. After a good night´s sleep in the boutique hotel Roomers we went out at 8 am to see more of the city. As we already had been in the city center, Goethestrasse and ECB area we decided to run alongside the river Main heading east. This provides a somewhat different impression of Frankfurt than what one may obtain by only walking the main streets. The water ran slowly, the city was not yet awake. It was us, nature, and silent buildings and structures as if put randomly in place by giants. Every now and then a riverboat passed silently by. What a large playground totally to ourselves.

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As we crossed the river and turned back westwards we had some great experiences of taking in the energy and feeling the flow along the more picturesque southern bank. There are small and cozy allotment gardens with tiny cabins, river parks, a farmers´ market, and a magnificent view of the Frankfurt skyline. There and then, just as we were to cross the river heading back to Roomers, Kristine was able at last to name what process she had been going through for the last ten years. It is as if there is a helium balloon flying just over your head, but out of reach. Under it there is a thread coming down, far enough to be reached if you jump high enough. However the balloon and the thread are always on the move. Now try capturing the balloon. You see it, you know it, you even feel it, but you are so not able to grasp it. We cried and laughed in sorrow and joy over the released tension and the newly obtained insight, and went to Roomers for the longest and best breakfast we ever had.

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